User Research

BBC's Spanish Languages

My team chose to evaluate BBC Languages Mi Vida Loca: Real Spanish, Real Drama website. It is an online language program from BBC Productions. Documenation included:

  • Identified target audience
  • Documented intended user outcomes
  • Charted evaluative questions and instruments
  • Performed pilot test
  • Developed and executed try out plan
  • Analyzed data
  • Reported results and findings
  • Submitted recommendations
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Fix Your Flight Mobile App

This project was super exciting to be a part of since my teammates and I had complete control from start to finish. I took the lead role in the visual and interaction design of the app and contributed to user testing. One of the most gratifying aspects of the process was engaging users for their feedback then using their responses to inform each iteration of design and usability.

The challenge hear was executing the project in an expedited timeline.

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