UX Design and Architecture

Humana Showcase

I won a competition for developing a tool that showcases projects to leadership as they are released throughout the year. The winning proposal then became the standard format for all teams.

The challenge was developing a tool that could be easily accessible to leadership. Content has to be digestible in size, and each team must be able to maintain and own their section within the tool.

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Humana Sleep Assessment

The first iteration of the sleep assessment was available to any of the site's visitors. However, data showed that not all intended users finished the 2-minute quiz. In a second release for members only, I optimized the way users take the quiz and improved the process of collecting user information.

The challenge here was to recommend updates that could be made within budget, within a smaller window of time and deployed in a maintainenance request. 

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Humana Diabetes Landing Page

I developed a yearlong marketing plan and strategy that targets diabetic and prediabetic members. One initiative was to promote an online resource that gives users an interactive and personalized experience to help manage their condition. Other parts of my role included designing a landing page that explains the resource and identifying interaction points by user types. 

Since the marketing team was new, the challenge here was developing a workflow process and finding the appropriate teams within a large organization to execute project tasks within our given timeline. 

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Humana Points of Care

Served as a consultant to a team looking for recommendations as to how it should promote a new partnership with a vendor while promoting its own digital content.

The challenge was getting users pass secure pages by implementing SSO and arriving at a compromise that allow some users to access the vendor's site directly without always having to go through humana.com.  

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Fix Your Flight Mobile App

This project was super exciting to be a part of since my teammates and I had complete control from start to finish. I took the lead role in the visual and interaction design of the app and contributed to user testing. One of the most gratifying aspects of the process was engaging users for their feedback then using their responses to inform each iteration of design and usability.

The challenge hear was executing the project in an expedited timeline.

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Kmart Email and Homepage

My team was charged with implementing personalization in email and online. We started with email since it is the smaller channel, measured its success then rolled out the system to the Kmart homepage.

This project was challenging because we relied heavily on participant feedback for optimization. Also, there were several tools to syncronize in the process as we moved between platforms.

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As a member of the UX team, when Sears' online business unit was in its infancy, I was fortunate enough to function as business analyst, account manager and project manager on many projects.

Kenmore just completed a rebrand and was planning to release their new line of appliances in the fall. Leading up to the launch, I worked with several partners to give customers an online showroom preview.

The challenge was optimizing the experience. Since my team was new with no real process in place, we failed to measure performance and usability properly. Though we saw gains in revenue during the launch period, we were not able to fully claim success.

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