Milestone IV: Prototype

Experience the app on YOUR device while in YOUR environment


Copy the URL, email it to yourself and open (Android or iOS):


To prepare for user testing, I decided to create a low-fidelity prototype. This would help participants focus solely on the tasks and not be distracted by actual content or visual design. In addition, I made the prototype interactive for participants to test on their phones. This platform allows the user to be immersed in the experience, using their own device and in familiar environments as they would if the MultiManager app was deployed to the public.

Description of Prototype

The prototype was built for three specific tasks:

Task One: To observe users' preferences for syncing their apps automatically or manually and are they able to complete synchronization. “Auto Sync” is recommended because the system is built to provide users with the best experience based on their prior app use. Contrarily, users still have the option to control the process by selecting apps directly from their phone (Figure A).

Figure A: Syncing apps automatically or manually.

Task Two: To determine the usability of creating or editing a card (Figure B). The user selects a category, which flips to the other side of the card, showing the associated app(s). From there, the user has options for re-syncing the category, editing the card, removing it completely or freezing it until further notice.

Figure B: Modifying a category.

Lastly, the third task is to gauge if users understand the Daily View page and can verbalize this comprehension. This page shows a by-the-hour account of the user’s day and tasks/categories/apps the Personal Assistant plans to promote. The user can expand each category to see the app(s) associated and get a preview of the content inside (Figure C).

Figure C: View of the user’s day within a 24-hour period.

I did not include every feature or state of the app since I did not deem it necessary for the user to complete the evaluation. In other cases, front and backend development would be needed.