Milestone I: The Idea

MultiManager smart app is your personal assistant

Humans are task driven from the morning sound of an alarm clock until their nightly rituals of bedtime. Throughout any given day, people will use many apps on their mobile device for various reasons, including entertainment, navigation, social media, shopping, communication and exploration. The MultiManager app will provide users with content and major features from their most used apps in a single app.


There are three main goals this app aims to accomplish: The primary goal is to give users a seamless experience of all their favorite apps in one location. The second purpose is to prevent users from having to search, find and switch between multiple apps as often as they do today. The final focus of MultiManager is to proactively provide information rather than users seeking it from several apps.


The ideal users are multitaskers who are always on the move. They juggle a long list of interests and responsibilities in scenarios that are localized or away from home, while commuting or waiting for another task to develop. These males/females, teens/adults may feel like there is not enough time in the day to finish all that they need to accomplish. However, they are accustom to the restrictions of time and are aware of the amount of attention they intend to devote to a single item.


A mobile or wearable device is the perfect platform for the user types described above since their tasks may occur in multiple locations. Whether the user has a phone, watch and/or tablet, a device is always nearby. Apps can be categorized by action, which will vary by user. Tertiary apps may have been downloaded on a trial basis or were recommended. Secondary apps serve a specific purpose in certain circumstances. The apps for primary use are a core part of the user’s daily routine and are necessary for the user to experience fulfillment and success.


Prior to mobile technology, people carried paper planners and were limited in their definition of “multi” -tasking. When a physical planner was lost, the owner’s world could be greatly impacted. Nowadays, mobile devices with the addition of apps increased the volume of information people can consume and execute. If a device is lost or damaged, much of the user’s information may be stored on a server, empowering the user with protection and confidence to keep the day moving forward with minimal delays.


I’m interested in knowing if people think there is a need for the MultiManager app and would they use it to make their lives easier. I would like to study the behavior of users and the apps they prefer. Many of my questions can be answered by identifying which apps are used by whom, when, where and why they use them. I think patterns of usage will be seen across demographics.

Since the MultiManager app will be a collection of functions from several apps it should be very easy to use, clean design with clear paths for the user to follow.