A Few Words From the Brain

The early part of my career was spent chasing opportunities from city to city; living in St. Louis, Louisiana, Detroit, New York City and New Jersey before coming to rest here in Chicago. As a graphic artist in the field of journalism I’ve worked for publications such as BusinessWeek and Essence magazines, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Detroit Free Press, The New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

My specialty was creating informational graphics. I was intrigued by taking complex information then simplifying by providing visual explanations through schematics, charts and diagrams. As the presence of interactivity grew online, I sought opportunities in 3D, television graphics and litigation graphics. I wanted to put art in motion.

I launched Left Brain Graphics in 2003, a graphic design studio that allowed me to work on a multitude of projects from sole proprietors to large corporations. Many projects shifted from print to online and my career transitioned from being hands-on to management.

Today, I find myself returning to the foundation of journalism by asking the questions, “Who?”, “What?”, “When”, “Where?”, “Why?” and “How?” The answers are in the data. I'm curious to who’s browsing the company's site, opening emails, what device their using, where are they clicking, when these interactions occur and more.

In addition, education is very important for my individual development and growth. Since obtaining my undergraduate degree from Grambling State University and pursuing my graduate degree from Iowa State University, I’ve continued my studies. Whether I’m taking a formal class, attending a seminar or participating in a workshop I’m constantly looking to learn. For example, I was taught the 3D software Maya at New York University, enrolled at Harold Washington city college to learn Dreamweaver and Flash and attended a seminar on informational graphics led by Yale University professor, Edward Tufte.

How I Can Help


Looking for a splash page or a multipage website? Build your site within a content management systems, template based or request a custom site from scratch.


Stories are narrated using aids such as schematics, diagrams, charts and graphs to  provide visual explanations to make complex information understandable.


Increase retention of the judge or jury by combining visual and oral demonstrative presentations to explain in detail the clients' side of the case.


All artwork starts with a hand drawing in a sketch pad before being computer generated. Yes, some of us still like to draw with pencil and paper!


A strong brand is important for businesses and a pyschological experience for consumers. The visuals will be consistent in print and digital.


I like to dabble in anything creative including, animation, 3D, photography, cooking, woodworking, painting, clothing and more. Just ask, I'm sure I have an opinion.

Fun Fact About Me

One of the most memorable experiences I had when I was a journalist was the opportunity to walk the roof of the Willis Tower. What a cool way to see Chicago!


Mobile:   773-340-3989
E-mail: gentry@leftbraingraphics.com